Why End-of-life Care & Planning Matters

September 12, 2019

Many people find talking about—much less planning for—death to be uncomfortable. However, there is growing awareness of the problems–and opportunities—related to death in the U.S. today. It often involves hospitals and heroic measures that rob people of quality of life. It can mean families scrambling at the last minute to make funeral arrangements and all the decisions that go with that.

Under the leadership of Dixcy Bosley, one of Iona’s Nurse Care Managers, who has a long history of working as a hospice nurse, Iona is tackling education and awareness around death.

As a result, Iona is holding our first-ever End of Life Expo on Saturday, November 2, 2019 from 11 AM to 5:30 PM. The Expo is an effort to combat anxiety and misconceptions related to end-of-life and make more people comfortable discussing it. The goal is to equip participants with all the information needed to plan for a good death. RSVP now.

Become more informed and empowered for your end of life planning.

At the Expo, there will be informational booths, books on death, and expert plenary sessions. Attendees will explore topics including hospice and palliative care, DC’s new law on medical aid in dying, burial and memorial options, body and organ donation, and obituary and advance directive writing. View flyer.

Dixcy, one of the Expo’s leaders, was inspired to organize this event at Iona because of her many experiences caring for dying patients as a hospice nurse. She says,

I witnessed how lack of awareness around end-of-life options can lead to increased fear, uncomfortable death and family trauma. My passion is helping people have the kinds of ‘good’ deaths I have been privileged to see. While a death can often represent a profound loss, it can also be a time of intimacy, family healing and a reminder of what gives life meaning. As patients, family, clergy, clinicians, friends and all mortal beings, let this be a teachable moment for us all. Our quality of life can be compromised by over treatment and by inadequate care at end of life. Together we will discover that our common mortality is well worth careful preparation.”

Learn more and register today for Iona’s End-of-Life Expo today.


2 thoughts on “Why End-of-life Care & Planning Matters”

  1. Bravo, Iona! Thank you, Dixcy. At last, we will get and, perhaps, contribute “answers to (end of) life’s persistent questions.” Nagging questions. Scary decisions. Options. Getting your family to be comfortable with what you want.

  2. This is great. After experiencing this with my loved one, I realized how it important it is to plan ahead as much as you can. When that time does come, I feel that you’re only focus should be grieving and healing. Losing someone is painful enough but having to manage their affairs afterwards can be tough and a heavy weight to carry.

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