Welcome to Iona!

With countless programs and services (we know — we have a lot!), our team will connect you to what you need to remain healthy, active, and supported in the community.

What does that mean for you? If you are looking for a community of active older adults, let us direct you to our free weekday program at St. Alban’s — a great place to meet neighbors, enjoy discussions and fitness, and get a nutritious lunch. Struggling with how to spend time and find joy in this next stage of life? We can introduce you to one of our psychotherapists or support groups where you can have frank conversations about the challenges — and opportunities — relating to aging.

Or maybe you woke up this morning thinking it’s time to get your house in order — literally and figuratively. Whether that means clearing out clutter, deciding to give up your car and move to a walkable community, filling out powers of attorney forms, or addressing the countless other decisions that paralyze so many of us, we can help.