Heart of Caring 2020 – Virtual Event

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of our lives. Collectively, we are navigating what it means to build connections and community during great uncertainty.

Yet, despite the many challenges ahead, at Iona we continue to be inspired by the collective spirit of resilience and support all around us. During these uncertain times, it is a great comfort to know that so many in our community care and want to help.

As many of you already know, Iona hosts an annual fundraising luncheon every spring. This is our only fundraising event each year. Unfortunately, due to this public health crisis, we had to cancel our in-person luncheon. As you can imagine, this was a very difficult decision, but it was one we had to make in order to protect our community.

However, while our in-person luncheon is canceled, the need is not. In fact, more than ever, we need to lean on our community to keep Iona’s safety net services going. The reality is that we didn’t just cancel a luncheon…we cancelled a fundraiser that raised close to half a million dollars last year for providing critical services to older adults and families. There will be significant financial consequences.

That’s why we’ve developed a terrific Plan B for you to experience—Iona’s first-ever Virtual Heart of Caring! During our free webcast, you will hear from our incredible director Sally S. White, staff, and clients about how Iona has responded during this crisis—and why our mission matters beyond COVID-19. Yes, it’s a fundraiser, too. Participants will be asked to consider making a donation. But there’s no minimum gift requested. As much as anything, we want you to find out more about our vision and great programs offered by Iona.

Thank you for joining us in our first-ever virtual Heart of Caring!

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Questions? Contact us at development@iona.org.