Thomye Cave

Thomye Cave served as Executive Director of the Downtown Cluster’s Geriatric Day Care Center, Inc. for over 30 years. She joined Iona’s team in 2020. She is a cum laude graduate of Florida Memorial University with a B.S. in Urban Services where she was selected as a Hall of Fame Alumna. She pursued further studies at the former Biscayne College now St. Thomas University both in Miami, Florida. Thomye is a founding member of Lifting Young Lions Foundation of Excellence, Inc. where she serves as Vice President and Scholarship Administrator. The Foundation has supported students of varied academic levels since its inception in 2002. She is also a certified dementia care specialist, support group leader, level one Reiki practitioner, and an aging sensitivity emergency response trainer. Her passion for helping and love of our aging community is well demonstrated from ensuring housing stability for the elderly while Director of Dade County Emergency Housing Program to Supportive Services Coordinator at the Urban League Aging Services Program and as Executive Director of Downtown Cluster’s Geriatric Day Care Center in Washington, DC. She firmly believes that one’s quality of life should not be compromised because of their age or ability.