“Take Charge/Age Well Classes Put a Positive Perspective on Aging”

October 8, 2014

Catherine-Hargrove-Take-Charge-Age-Well-Academy“At my retirement luncheon, one of my colleagues said that based on my endorsement of Iona’s Take Charge/Age Well classes that she would be calling Iona soon. That made me smile because I really have enjoyed my Iona experience. What I have liked is that you get good information about aging, in a positive perspective. It’s an opportunity for learning new things,” says Catherine Hargrove.

The first class Catherine took was “Eat Well/Move Well.” She notes, “Who hasn’t heard the advice, ‘Get more exercise and eat better?’ But that wasn’t how this class approached it. The facilitators made it interesting and the subject matter challenged me.”

Catherine enjoyed learning about different ways of moving that would be beneficial from Dr. Jason Dring, physical therapist. And she took to heart his suggestion of getting a yearly assessment by a physical therapist to ward off unnecessary mobility problems. Catherine praised the social connection afforded by Take Charge/Age Well. “Making new acquaintances was so valuable. Some of them might eventually become friends! I think one of the challenges to people as they age is they get too comfortable in their own environment. It’s important to go out and meet people who share your concerns, in a stimulating environment. That’s what Take Charge/Age Well provides.”

Catherine took the Mindfulness class this summer and looks forward to the next set of classes: “The facilitators are excellent and all the courses have a goal, but you are encouraged to move at your own pace. I really like that.”

Written by Susan A. Messina

Iona’s Director of Development and Communications, Susan holds three master’s degrees, including two from Bryn Mawr’s Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, and is a Certified Fund Raising Executive.