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Caring-Hands-for-Deb-Blum-FundToday, more than ever, Iona has become a safety-net provider. Your gift now to our Deborah Blum Fund ensures that the most vulnerable older adults in our community can continue to rely on us when they need us the most.

As you know, Washington, DC is an expensive city. For many of our low-income clients, that means cuttings costs and making sacrifices on items they might need, but cannot afford.

Additionally, bedbugs are on the rise among older adults in the District, and the costs for deep-cleaning services can be more than $500. On a limited income, it’s an impossible fee to pay, and without the cleaning, an eviction notice usually follows.

Fortunately, in difficult cases like these, Iona social workers are able to tap into our special Deborah Blum Fund. But, funds are running low, and we need your help.

Your donation now will replenish this special fund, and ensure that our social workers can meet these basic needs of our vulnerable clients. Our goal is to raise $3,000 for our Deborah Blum Fund, so that Iona social workers can always turn to this fund when their clients need them the most.

When a client needs new sheets or a mattress to protect them from bedbugs, emergency cash to pay for a late utility bill, or simply clean nightgowns, they can lean upon Iona. And, in turn, Iona knows we can lean upon you for your support. Can we count on you today to help us reach our goal?

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