Spotlight on Iona’s Wellness & Arts Center Volunteers

April 8, 2019

Tracy, Max, and Nina Kroloff have been volunteering in the Wellness & Arts Center for 6 years!

In the Wellness & Arts Center, volunteers are an essential part of our community, and are vital in helping the day run smoothly.

Our volunteers donate their precious time each week and are highly valued and appreciated for their dedication. We can’t imagine a day without our volunteers! In honor of Volunteer Month, we’re putting the spotlight on our wonderful volunteers by highlighting the ways they make each day a success.


Molly is a retired school nurse who volunteers twice a week. She is a master of the lunch time routine and keeps everything running smoothly in the kitchen. On the days that she’s not here—especially on sandwich days—the staff really misses her!


Monica is another longtime volunteer who volunteers regularly once week. She often helps to serve the beverages during lunch, which is a surprisingly in-depth activity. She also helps with the strength training class and can always be counted on to give helpful feedback afterwards.


Elise worked on Capitol Hill for many years and has voiced how happy she was to find Iona during her retirement. She facilitates “Storytelling with Elise,” which is an interactive reading program with the participants. In addition, she always bakes the cookies for our cookie decorating programs.


Harlan volunteers once a week and spends most of his time socializing with the participants, and stimulating conversation.


Robert volunteers once a week and is really amazing with the participants. He speaks French fluently and knows some Spanish. On his days here, he’s able to give our bilingual participants 1:1 time.


Sabrina started as a student volunteer and continues to volunteer at the Center once a month. Her enthusiasm for the program is unmatched. She helps out in all aspects of the program.


Heather is an aspiring social worker who has an immense interest in working with older adults. She volunteers once a week and is like a member of the staff. She helps out with programs, serving snacks, and initiating activities with the participants. She can often be seen playing Block Head or Dominoes with participants.


Mary volunteers once a week and brings her positive personality, and southern charm to the program. She often helps set up for lunch, while spending time with participants.

Anne B.

Anne volunteers once a week in the afternoon. She brings an infectious smile and energy to the program and can often be seen helping out in any way she can.


Cricket is an enticing storyteller who leads “Storytelling with Cricket.” Her extraordinary ability to tell a story often has participants, staff, and volunteers completely captivated during her program.

Anne T.

Anne is a professional yoga instructor, who dedicates her time weekly by teaching an interactive yoga class to participants. Her class is a favorite. Participants often vocalize how much they love her class. Her dedication, creativity, and patience often encourage participants to express themselves in ways they’ve never done before.


Janet volunteers once a week and leads “Iona Chorus with Janet,” which is an interactive sing-along program. Her contagious energy paired with the participants’ love of music makes her program a vital and happy part of our week.


Nephelie is a volunteer who recently went through the training to become a Time Slips facilitator. On certain months, she leads Time Slips, a program that leads participants through the creative process of creating stories.

Kristen & Wells

Kristen and Wells are the mother-baby duo who come to the Center a few times a month to bless us with their love. The weekly visits from mother and son really puts a smile on the participants’ faces.


Roberta volunteers once a week to make cards with participants. This was an activity she always enjoyed doing with her mother, and now she brings her passion and humor to our participants.

Tracy, Max, and Nina

This special family (featured in the image) has been visiting for 6 years, ever since Max was in preschool. His class visited us for an intergenerational program and he loved our participants so much that he asked his mom if she would bring him back to visit us! Now Max is taller than most of us.

Iona sends a big thank you to all our volunteers!

Become a Volunteer Today!

We welcome volunteers of all ages, skills, and experience. Whether you’re inspired by a personal interest, community service, or a group project, we have a place for you. Visit our Volunteer Page to learn more about volunteer opportunities and get involved today.

Written by Cecilia Sono

Cecilia is the Wellness & Arts Center Program Coordinator. She plans the monthly calendar of programs, discussions, celebrations, and other purposeful activities.