Aging Solo

Every adult 55 and older should take Aging Solo.” –Maria, Aging Solo graduate

On some level, all of us are aging solo. Even if you have a partner, are married, or have children, there’s no guarantee that any of those individuals will be there to help you as you get older. After all, friends and family die, move away, or may be unable to help for other reasons.

Aging Solo is a national award-winning online learning opportunity designed to help you take charge of your aging. As we get older, facing health crises and end-of-life decisions become inevitable. Aging Solo will help you reflect on your priorities, map out your support network, and put plans in place.

Topics addressed in Aging Solo include:

  • Your social network and support network
  • Healthcare decision-making and end-of-life choices
  • Aging in place
  • Making a move
  • Your next steps

Your purchase of Aging Solo includes:

  • A PDF handbook with a planner, reflection questions, resources, and helpful discussion of aging-related topics
  • Six videos that expand on topics in the handbook and feature discussions with aging experts and older adults who have implemented the lessons from Aging Solo into their own lives
  • A PDF Facilitator’s Guide with tips on scheduling, marketing, and organizing an Aging Solo course for your group or organization (organizations only)

All you need to complete Aging Solo is an Internet connection, and you can go at your own pace! You can go through the handbook and videos on your own or respond to the reflection questions with a friend or partner. Aging Solo is also a great option for groups!

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