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peopleWhether you’re the child of an aging parent facing a health crisis, or an older adult planning ahead, you want to have peace of mind and enjoy life without the worries of finding the right care, managing finances, or navigating a complex healthcare system.

You might also live outside of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area or have other family and work responsibilities that make it near impossible to be actively involved in the routine care, logistics, and decisions you wish you could provide your parent or family member.

How can you find the resources you need to ensure health, safety, and well-being for your loved one or yourself…especially when you don’t have the time or expertise to know what’s right for you?


question-markStaying at home vs. making a move. Coping with physical changes or memory loss. Difficulty driving or managing finances. Paying for care. Transitioning from the hospital or a rehab stay. These challenges can be overwhelming for anyone.

As an independent older adult, you want to age in your home with the comforts and familiarities you know, but that might become increasingly difficult should you ever have an accident or become ill. You might not have anyone to care for you, or if you do have family who could help, you don’t want to burden them with your care.

As a child with an aging family member, you may be struggling to balance the care of your older relative with other responsibilities like work or taking care of your own children. Maybe you’ve noticed changes in their health or functioning, but you don’t know how to talk with them or other family members about your concerns. On top of all that, you don’t know if you have the expertise — or patience — to navigate getting the care in place they need.


solutionOur licensed social workers and clinical nurse care managers have decades of experience dealing with the challenges of aging — from navigating the complex healthcare system to addressing social isolation and other issues around quality of life for yourself or your aging parents.

Iona Care Management taps into our deep knowledge of local resources to create and follow through with a plan that ensures the best care for you or your older family member.

As a child with aging parents, you will be confident knowing that Iona Care Management will work with you every step of the way to ensure your parents’ health, safety, and well-being while allowing you to continue to lead your busy life.

And, if you’re an older adult, you’ll be able to enjoy your retirement years knowing you’ll have the help you need when you need it.

Iona Care Management Services:

We are here to support you or a loved one living in the Washington, DC region who is navigating any of the following:

  • Aging in place

  • Making a move

  • Hospital/rehab to home

  • Dementia care

  • Family support and mediation

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Discuss your situation, ask questions, and share concerns or challenges with an expert. A consultation typically lasts an hour to an hour and a half, and can take place at Iona, offsite (such as a home or hospital rehab facility), or over the phone. You’ll leave with advice, concrete next steps, and customized referrals that ease your stress and build your confidence.

After your first consultation, you may find that you have additional questions or want to check-in with your care manager again. Perhaps, your situation has even changed and you need new resources or strategies. Ongoing consultations provide that support and reassurance.

Our licensed team of social workers and nurse care managers have the expertise to put a plan into action. We research, coordinate, arrange, and oversee services so that you can feel confident and secure your family member is receiving the best care possible.


You might be in the middle of a crisis. Or maybe you just want to start planning ahead. No matter your current situation, we can provide solutions, and be available for ongoing support for your future. We’re also happy to meet you in our offices, at your family member’s home, or in a hospital or rehab facility. Best yet, you pay for only the services you need at that time.


Our professional team of licensed social workers and clinical nurse care managers specializes in working with older adults, family caregivers, and professional associates in navigating and problem-solving the challenges of aging. As part of Iona, a nonprofit leader in aging for more than 40 years, Iona Care Management experts know how to resolve the most difficult challenges that come with aging and caregiving.

Meet Our Team

“Our Iona Care Manager blended the personal and professional in the most delicate and sensitive way. Not only would my parents listen to her in a way that they would not listen to their children, but the advice was more informed and more expert.”

– David Kuhn, caregiver son

Ready to schedule a consultation or have a question? Contact our Helpline or call (202) 895-9448.