Nutrition at Iona

Iona NutritionNext to children, older adults are most vulnerable to hunger and malnutrition. Limited mobility makes certain life tasks — such as shopping for groceries — more difficult, and many older adults live on a tight budget that makes paying for rent, medications, AND healthy food next to impossible.

We’re senior hunger and malnutrition warriors. We fight for our seniors because every aspect of successful aging and independent living rests on adequate nutrition.”

— Rose Clifford, Iona Nutrition Program Manager

Iona’s food programs work hard to eliminate senior hunger in DC — where one in five older adults are hungry — by ensuring our older neighbors have access to nutritious meals, and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Our food and nutrition programs and services include:

  • Nutrition Supplements
    High calorie and high protein liquid nutrition supplements (Ensure Plus, Boost Glucose Control, Nepro) are available to eligible older adults age 60+ living in our service area (Ward 3). To learn more about eligibility, please contact our Helpline at (202) 895-9448 or
  • Food Pantry
    When finances are tight or cupboards are running low, having peace of mind about food is essential for our clients. Iona keeps a Food Pantry with shelf-stable food items in order to provide that security. Individuals must be a current Iona nutrition or case management client to access the food pantry. For additional information, please contact our Helpline at (202) 895-9448 or
  • Nutrition Information, Assessment & Counseling
    Good nutrition matters for everyone, but it’s especially important for older adults at high nutrition risk due to food insecurity, frailty, or other acute or chronic health issues.  Iona’s Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionists provide the following professional nutrition services via telephone, in-office, and home visits for referred DACL clients:

    • Provide information and answer food and nutrition questions;
    • Assess current food and nutritional status and needs;
    • Work collaboratively with other Iona staff to maximize clients’ food and nutrition situation; and,
    • Provide Medical Nutrition Therapy, if indicated.

For additional information, please contact our Helpline at (202) 895-9448 or