A Typical Day in the Wellness & Arts Center

When you walk in the door, everybody is smiling. And you just say, ‘This is the place for me.’”

– Vernice Smith, participant in the Wellness & Arts Center

ADSactivitiesThere are snickerdoodles baking in the kitchen. A lively discussion over coffee in the activity room. And a circle of friends focused intensely on a puzzle in the library. Later, professional opera singers will wow an audience with scenes from Carmen. And that’s just Monday.

In Iona’s Wellness & Arts Center, designing a calendar of compelling activities is at the forefront of our work. With our activities, we aim to:

  • Meet the diverse interests of our participants. If you’re spending the day with us, you should be enjoying it! That’s why we often offer multiple activities at the same time. You can choose what sounds interesting to you. When you first join the Wellness & Arts Center, we’ll have a conversation about your likes and dislikes so that we can make sure our calendar has something you can look forward to.
  • Support a range of cognitive and physical abilities. We want everyone in our community to enjoy our programs. That means that no matter your ability, you are always welcome to participate. Our experienced team can accommodate or modify any activity so that you can join in safely.
  • Encourage contributions from all members of our community. We firmly believe that everyone has something positive they can share with our community, no matter how shy or reluctant they are to participate. It can be a story, song, piece of artwork, handshake, or even smile.
  • Help prevent cognitive and physical decline. Everything we do is in support of your health. That’s why we start our mornings with daily exercise and stretching to address cardiovascular disease and diabetes. And to keep your brain healthy and active, we have creative writing, mindfulness & meditation, word games, discussions, touch-screen computer games, puzzles, and so much more.

ADSBakingOur Calendar of Activities:

Other common activities include pet visits, poetry corner, children’s visits, baking, yoga, educational lectures, and field trips to museums, the Kennedy Center, Botanic Gardens, and the cherry blossoms.

Finally, so that you can stay up-to-date with what is happening in the Wellness & Arts Center, every month we publish a newsletter that shares tips and news from our team, in addition to our next calendar of activities. You can also download it here.

Want to experience a day in the Wellness & Arts Center for yourself? Schedule a tour today and see in-person how our full calendar of activities brings joy to participants everyday. Please contact us now!