The Case for Adult Day Health Services


There are about 4,800 centers that provide adult day services in the country, which serve more than a quarter of a million people on any given day, but the number of senior citizens grows each day. Many are vigorous and independent but also require close attention to their health and help with the tasks of daily life, not to mention, people to have lunch with and laugh with. Adult day services provide all that and may become more common in American life as more of the population grows into old age.”

– NPR Host Scott Simon, reporting on Iona’s Wellness & Arts Center

Adult day health services provide the best of both worlds when it comes to care options. Older adults who need supervised care benefit from the company of peers, enriching and lively activities, and close attention from compassionate health professionals. At the same time, they are also able to return to the comforts and familiarities of their homes every evening. Meanwhile, caregivers benefit by taking a break and regrouping, all with the knowledge that their loved one is not bored or lonely at home all day.

Additionally, adult day health services provide this care at a significantly lower cost than other long-term care services in the District. In fact, a Genworth 2016 report on long-term care costs found that adult day health services are the least expensive option in Washington, DC.

2017 Monthly Costs: District of Columbia – Washington Area


Iona’s Wellness & Arts Center

*based on cost for five days per week (participants must attend at least twice a week)


Home Health Aide


Assisted Living Facility


Private Nursing Home Care Room

Rates for Home Health Aide Services, Assisted Living Facility, and Nursing Home Care come from a Genworth 2017 report on long-term care costs

Ultimately, the best case for adult day health services is in the smiles of participants and caregivers. To schedule a tour of the Wellness & Arts Center, please contact us.

For additional resources and research on adult day health services, take a look at our resource library below.