Will you be a safety net?

The need for Iona continues to grow during this public health crisis and the challenges have become more complex. Now, you can show your commitment in a whole new way.

When an older adult faces a crisis, we need to be certain that Iona can provide quick action, and often lifesaving, care they need. As a member of our new Safety Net Society, a monthly giving program, you’ll provide reliable funding so that Iona will always be there.

By committing to making a gift once a month, you provide the consistent funding for services your older neighbors depend on when a crisis occurs. Neighbors like Julio, who after a hospitalization did not have the energy to cook or grocery shop. He was surviving on canned soup, and even that was a chore. He told us,

Preparing meals was taking every bit of energy that I had. I could scarcely walk to the kitchen.”

Now, Julio enjoys well-balanced and nutritious meals delivered right to his door. “I feel healthier and more energized. I look forward to eating my meals now. Iona’s meals have been a godsend.”

Iona was able to be Julio’s safety net – but only with the philanthropic support of donors like you.

Please show your ongoing commitment today and make a recurring monthly gift.

  • Give just $10 monthly (that’s only $2.50 a week!), and you’ll help sponsor wellness calls to older adults who are isolated and lonely.
  • Give $35 each month, and you’ll pay for two cases of nutrition supplements for an undernourished older adult.
  • Or give $50 a month, and you’ll help to fund virtual support groups for overwhelmed family caregivers.
  • Or give $100 a month, and you’ll help sponsor a month of Wellness & Arts Center virtual activities for someone with dementia.

Your membership to Iona’s Safety Net Society, our monthly giving program, is essential to sustaining our comprehensive services during this unprecedented crisis.

Thank you for showing your commitment to older adults today, and the days that follow, by making a monthly recurring gift.

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