Watch our video: Range of Possibilities in the art therapy studio

August 10, 2017

Throughout the year in Iona’s art therapy studio, Wellness & Arts Center participants have embraced spontaneity, healing, and self-expression. They’ve made connections and shared their own stories.

This summer, in honor of these personal and artistic achievements, the Lois & Richard England Gallery at Iona featured a special Participant Art Exhibit.

Our participants were so proud to share the many ways they have used the creative process to honor their struggles, celebrate their strengths, and tap into parts of themselves they didn’t know they possessed.

Because this exhibit is so special, we wanted to make sure all of our friends had a chance to see the artworks on display.

In case you missed the exhibit, we invite you to watch the below video.

Join us in honoring your older neighbors and their artistic accomplishments! Please watch and share our 2017 Participant Art Show video. You will be so impressed and inspired by the artistic growth of participants.

In addition to artwork, the exhibit also featured poetry written by participants. One participant even shared her experiences in the art therapy studio.

She writes:

“The past, present, and future are intertwined and expressed through art. Stories are told and histories are shared. This is a place for concentration, connection, inspiration, and celebration of talents and efforts. We came together for individual expression and as a group to bring witness to our stories. This carefully crafted and designed art room is where all the possibilities inherent in pen and paper and art are freed in the meeting of emotion and expression.

The Art Therapist does not create for her students. Her magic is opening a door for adventure. I see the magic of colors flying across the room, a woman works with colors on her sheet of white paper. She is absorbed in color and design. I see a man with sunglasses singing next to his brother, smiling to the sky. He can do anything. We are nourished by the art we create, the songs we sing and the embraced hands and hugs that bring comfort to our rainy days. We are only constrained by our thoughts, our fears. We have courage here in the studio. I look around at the magic of colors flying around the table. Each one has a sheet of white paper. Each paper speaks of one individual. We are invited by color and paper to tell further of who we are. I hear the songs that remind me of love, happiness, sadness all transporting me through time and space.”

Thank you for taking a moment and honoring the accomplishments of our participants. Please share your congratulations in the comments below. We would love to share community notes with our participants!