Older inspires staff to be…

October 2, 2018

#OlderInspiresMe is a campaign to recognize and celebrate the many ways older adults contribute to our lives.

Older people are sometimes seen as out of touch with the times, boring, or useless. At Iona, we know that’s not true. Here, everyday our staff witnesses the vibrancy, creativity, curiosity, and agency of older adults.

Despite stereotypes, we know that older people are taking charge, learning new things, creating, sharing wisdom and experiences, seeking new adventures, building connections, striving for wellness, and advocating for themselves and others. They’re redefining how society perceives getting older. They aren’t still doing something despite their age—they never stopped.

We want to celebrate the many ways in which older people make a difference in our communities. That’s why throughout the month of October, we’re asking staff, volunteers, and friends like you to share how #OlderInspiresMe.

Add your inspiration

View our photo gallery for staff responses, and stay tuned for updates on how older adults inspire our entire community.

Add your voice

Want to join the movement? Tell us how an older person inspires you by filling out this form. Throughout the month of October, we’ll print any responses, and post them in our lobby and online community in deep gratitude to the older people who have shaped our lives for the better. Learn more about how you can join the movement.

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