#OlderInspiresMe is a campaign to recognize and celebrate the many ways older adults contribute to our lives.

Join the Movement

Older adults are taking charge, sharing wisdom and experience, seeking new adventures, building connections, striving for wellness, and advocating for themselves and others. They’re redefining how society perceives getting older. They’re inspiring us all.

We don’t always hear those stories. That’s why we need your help.

Tell us how an older person inspires you by filling out this form. Throughout the month of October, we’ll print any responses, and post them in our lobby and online community in deep gratitude to the older people who have shaped our lives for the better.

Share Your Inspiration

#OlderInspiresMe Photo Campaign

Has an older person shaped your life for the better?  We want to hear from you!  Snap a photo with our #OlderInspiresMe downloadable sheet and upload your response to Facebook using #OlderInspiresMe.

Help us spread the word

Invite your friends and family to write their own #OlderInspiresMe statements on social media. By sharing with others, you will help us reach people far beyond our small community. Thank you for your caring.

“My grandmother’s appreciation for beauty, and her ability to make beautiful things out of what many others would consider to be discards, has shaped the person I am today.” -Sally S. White, Executive Director