Monthly supporter Jack Newman shares in his own words why he gives to Iona

June 26, 2018

I am a retired Washington attorney. I’m also an avid supporter of Iona. As a client of physical therapist Dr. Morgan Cole, whose practice is housed in Iona’s main building in Tenleytown, I’ve been a familiar face at Iona since January 2017. The visits left an impression.

An octogenarian myself, I’ve helped others—former colleagues, friends, and family—consider facilities that offer a variety of support to senior citizens. But, these facilities often feel impersonal, check your ID, and offer a “take a number” greeting.

That’s not the case at Iona. There is a friendly, helpful atmosphere. Visitors are greeted warmly. I’ve even seen greetings between staff and Iona clients in the waiting room that feel and sound like family gatherings.

These friendly encounters inspired me. And, as I learned more about Iona’s range of essential activities and value to the community, I wanted to say “thank you” for all that Iona does. So, I included Iona on my list of Christmastime charitable contributions.

Since then, I’ve come to realize that saying “thank you” is only one reason to support Iona. Equally important is to ensure Iona’s sustainability. For that reason, I’ve joined Iona’s Safety Net Society, a monthly giving program.

There is a rapidly growing number of aging adults who are facing complex challenges in a setting of tightening resources. Places like Iona are going to become ever more important. Keeping them alive is going to take community involvement and commitment, including a reliable source of donations.

Get to know Iona, and its tradition of caring and individual attention. You’re going to be happy and proud to have an association with Iona. Simply put, contributing to Iona’s future feels good. And, you may be comforted in the knowledge that you can rely on Iona to be there whenever the need arises.

Will you be a safety net?

The need for Iona continues to grow as more people age and their challenges become more complex. Now, more than ever, your membership to Iona’s Safety Net Society, a monthly giving program, is essential to sustaining our comprehensive services. Thank you for your caring.