Meet our Gallery at Iona Artists: Spring 2016

January 15, 2016

Artist in Residence Lila Oliver Asher and Special Guest Artist Maureen Moore share their inspiration and creative processes with us. Enjoy the benefits of art in your mind, body, and soul with their artworks on display in the Gallery at Iona through April 27, 2016.

Lila: My process with making prints has developed over time. I draw first and transfer the image. Usually, I use linoleum, but sometimes wood or other material if I want texture. After I have carved the linoleum, I use art printer’s oil based ink and handmade soft paper. My method of producing prints is similar to the Japanese. I use a baren for rubbing to transfer the image to the paper. With age (94 years young), I am a little freer with my drawing, and some of the images are more stylized.

Maureen: I have been a color addict all of my life, going back to my earliest days of entertaining myself with coloring books. I will see a bead in a store and the immediate attraction is the color. I have an excellent color memory, so I usually know what I already have at home that will match or complement that particular bead. The design of a necklace usually revolves around one bead. If the bead is exceptionally showy, I will make the design simple. That chosen bead also dictates what other beads I use in my design since I like to mix textures, weights, and shapes. Each design evolves in this way, sometimes stealing hours from my day.