A jar full of pennies…

March 23, 2018

At Iona, John “Johnnie” Schofield is known for his generous spirit. A participant in Iona’s Wellness & Arts Center and a resident at a residential home for adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities, Johnnie has been collecting pennies to give to Iona.

He tells us, “My sister said to me [before I came to Iona], ‘You are bored where you are because you are not doing anything all day.’ Now, I come to be with people who say to me, ‘Johnnie, I miss you [when I am not there].’ Iona is a place that helps a lot of people. I don’t want Iona to go under. We can get plenty of pennies to help Iona a little.”

Fortunately, because of our generous donors, Iona is in no danger of “going under.” But, Johnnie’s words tell us how much Iona means to him.

He is grateful to you and Iona for always being there for him, and anyone else who needs the special services and loving care that only Iona can provide.

Johnnie collected pennies for more than a year—and those pennies added up! Over the summer he generously donated $30 worth of coins to Iona. After making the gift, he said, “It was a pleasure giving to Iona.” We’d like to add this message to Johnnie: It’s a pleasure having you in our community!

Johnnie’s gift, along with your support, helps fund the programming we offer at the Wellness & Arts Center. There, we have art therapy, musical performances, a vegetable garden, exercise classes, cooking events, and so much more for Johnnie and others to enjoy. Thank you for holding them close in your heart.