One Family’s Incredible Gift

December 20, 2015

ravidaIt was an ordinary Monday morning here at Iona. However, a simple envelope — and what was inside — would prove that September 21, 2015 would be nothing less than extraordinary. “We didn’t know it was coming,” says Executive Director Sally S. White. “It was just a regular envelope that you opened up, but what it contained was anything but regular.” Why? Because inside that “regular envelope” was a check for $100,000.

Part of longtime supporter Ravida Preston’s estate, this generous bequest helps Iona continue our mission of supporting older adults and caregivers through the opportunities and challenges of aging. In practice, that means it helped us keep our many programs and services running, allowing Iona to serve nearly 3,000 people this year, and it ensured that Iona will remain a trusted leading nonprofit in our community. “We are very pleased that our mom, through her bequest to Iona, continues her support for the valuable services it offers to seniors,” says Sarah Schrott, daughter of Nat and Ravida Preston. “We hope it will go a long way and will inspire others to support Iona as well.”

A History of Support

The Preston Family’s dedication to caregivers, older adults, and Iona spans nearly three decades. Ravida’s husband, Nat, was an active Board of Directors member for a number of years, serving as our legal counsel. When he passed away in 2009, Iona was honored to receive a $50,000 bequest. Their support did not stop there, however. Over the course of the next six years, Ravida would continue to give generously to Iona. With great astonishment and gratitude, we are thrilled that Ravida made this final commitment to Iona. “It’s a huge responsibility to manage bequests properly,” says Sally. “It’s very humbling that they trust us with their legacy.”

Iona will always treasure the Preston family’s support and will never forget how much we are indebted to them and the commitment they have shown to helping older adults in our community. Thank you for this lasting gift.

Do You Want to Leave a Lasting Legacy?

Wouldn’t it be great to know that for generations to come you can continue to help Iona ensure that older people in our community get the help they need? Estate planning is the best way to make that possible. To learn more about leaving a legacy to Iona, give Jennie Smith-Peers a call at (202) 895-9418, or email Jennie at She is always happy to talk with you and answer any questions you have.

Written by Rosie Aquila

Rosie Aquila is Iona’s Communications and Marketing Manager. A graduate of Kenyon College (where she worked as editor for the college’s newspaper), Rosie joined Iona’s team in 2014.