How We Can Help

Iona’s professional care managers specialize in working with older adults, family caregivers, and professional associates in navigating and problem-solving the challenges of aging. We save you and your family time and energy, and provide peace of mind. We can help you with:

Aging in Place

You want to support your relative’s wishes to remain in their own home. But, how can they do so safely and affordably? Iona Care Management provides solutions.

  • Visiting your relative at home to determine if services or modifications to the home are needed
  • Pointing you to the most cost-effective home care options
  • Referring you to services on everything from home renovations to social outings and activities for your family member
If you do not live nearby or have other commitments and cannot take on the logistics of managing care in the home, your care manager can also:
  • Arrange and supervise home care services
  • Visit your relative at the schedule you choose to make sure everything is going well
  • Troubleshoot any problems, including if your family member is reluctant to accept care
  • Escort your relative to medical appointments
  • Support you in urgent situations or in case of an emergency, including health care crises
  • Communicate with you, other family members, service providers, and medical providers to ensure your relative’s needs are met

Making a Move

Does your relative need to move to an assisted living facility or nursing home? How do you weigh the options, or find the right place for them? Iona Care Management provides guidance in navigating your “stay or move” decision-making process.

  • Providing advice on costs and strategies for how to evaluate different types of facilities
  • Making recommendations to specific facilities that meet your relative’s needs
  • Visiting facilities with you to make sure the right questions are asked
  • Providing referrals to downsizing and move coordination companies, movers, cleaners, and senior realtors
After your family member’s move, your care manager will continue to provide support. We help you by:
  • Troubleshooting any problems with your relative’s adjustment to a new home
  • Visiting your relative at the schedule you choose to make sure everything is going well
  • Monitoring your relative’s transition and care needs

Hospital/Rehab to Home

When your family is navigating a health crisis, planning the “what next” steps can be overwhelming and confusing. Your Iona care manager works with you, your family, and the hospital’s discharge planner to make your relative’s transition smooth. Our safeguarding work ensures that all the appropriate services are arranged upon return to your family member’s home. Our guidance can also reduce the likelihood of re-hospitalization.

  • Consultations on post-discharge logistics, including coordinating with the hospital or rehab’s discharge planners
  • Healthcare advocacy
  • Facilitation and arrangements for whatever your family member needs at home, including home care services, transportation, meals, equipment, medications, follow-up medical appointments, etc.
  • Evaluation of long-term care needs

Dementia Care

Caring for someone with dementia can be isolating and all-consuming. You might have challenges just getting through each day – and many concerns about the future.

  • Advice on services and programs tailored for individuals with dementia, including information on how to care for someone at home
  • Resources for caregiver support
  • Coaching on how to manage challenging behaviors
  • Future-planning guidance and coordination for down-the-line needs, whether at home or in a facility

Family Support

When you’re trying to make decisions for your relative’s care, getting everyone on the same page can be stressful and demanding.

  • Mediating family conversations and providing conflict resolution
  • Connecting you to valuable respite and other support sources, including counseling or support groups
  • Taking on tasks for you

If you are interested in our care management services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Call us at (202) 895-9448, and ask to speak to our Helpline or email us to get started.