Who are the hidden hungry and how can you help?

Malnutrition can be a hidden secret in the older adult population. In fact, we often hear community members say they had “no idea” there were hungry older people in the District. But, it’s not a secret to Iona.

We know first-hand the hidden hungry. It’s the 90-year-old man who lost 25 pounds in two months, and sat in the lobby all day saying he didn’t want to die alone in his apartment.

It’s the client who spends 80% of her monthly income on rent, leaving very little left for high-quality, nutritious food.

It’s the 79-year-old woman who relies on food like crackers and processed cheese to fill her stomach.

These older adults, and so many others like them, depend on Iona, and in turn our generous donors, to provide that food security, companionship, and other vital services.

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You can also read more about how Iona helps older adults facing nutritional crises here.

Additionally, the statistics on senior hunger are alarming. One in five seniors in DC faces hunger. Immobility and frailty makes certain life tasks, like shopping or carrying groceries, difficult.  Additionally, many older adults live on a very low fixed income. For them, accessing fresh fruits and vegetables is nearly impossible.

Click on the infographic to the left to learn more about senior hunger and how Iona’s Farm-to-Table Program is promoting healthy aging. 

How can you help fight senior hunger?

At Iona, we believe that everyone has a right to healthy food. Making a gift to Iona today shows you agree.

With your generous dollars, Iona is able to deliver meals to homebound older adults, like Angela, who are unable to easily leave their homes and grocery shop. Your gift ensures our team can provide necessary food education. And your donation provides farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to your older neighbors for free. We need your contribution in order to continue providing this food, and other life-saving services.

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