#Giving Tuesday 2018

#GivingTuesday is a global day dedicated to giving back to the causes you care most about.

At Iona, we’re honoring #GivingTuesday by raising money to support hungry older people. With a bounty of food in front of us during the holidays, it can be hard to imagine that some older adults in the District face hunger. Yet every day, more than 1 in 6 older adults in DC are at risk. Many do not know how they will pay for their next meal.

We’re asking caring friends like you to help stock Iona’s food pantry with a donation. We turn to this pantry when our clients are desperate for food – after a hospitalization discharge, if resources are tight, when winter storms hit, and other crises.

For Iona’s client Mr. H, this peace of mind was tremendous.

When Mr. H discovered that his Food Stamps had expired and needed to be recertified—a tedious process—he was facing a scary situation. With little income, he worried about how he would pay for food in the meantime.

Fortunately, because of Iona’s food pantry, he didn’t miss a meal. Mr. H’s Iona case manager not only jumped into action to complete the nine-page application, but also brought him a healthy selection of shelf-stable foods to tide him over. Though Mr. H is still waiting to get approved for his Food Stamps, his cupboards are not empty.

Your donation helps make this quick action possible, from funding our social workers’ salaries to ensuring our emergency food pantry is stocked with nutritious shelf-stable foods.

Our goal is to raise the equivalent of 225 emergency grocery bags so that Iona can always be there to provide meals, emergency food, and other lifesaving services.

Please help us Pack our Pantry today. Your gift will be put to immediate use to help stock our emergency food pantry, and support other lifesaving services.

Thank you for keeping your older neighbors in your heart this holiday season.

Yes, I want to help hungry older people.