Attend Heart of Iona

Every year, Iona directly helps 3,500+ older adults and their families with the challenges and opportunities of aging. We do this by caring for, connecting, and nourishing people in mind, body, and spirit.

Please join us at Heart of Iona to take a 30-minute virtual tour of our mission and to learn how you can get involved. 

  • Hear inspiring stories from our staff and clients
  • Learn about our mission
  • Find out how Iona’s programs and services are helping older adults and families

You must sign-up to attend.

To sign-up for Heart of Iona, email Emily Thomas at Please note that Heart of Iona is a not a facility tour. If you’re looking for information about services, programs, and other support for you or a loved one, we encourage you to contact our Helpline

Heart-of-Iona-TourBecome an Iona Tour Host

If you’re excited about Iona’s work and want to help spread the word to your friends, neighbors, book group, colleagues, or others, you can serve as a short-term volunteer Host. This is our No. 1 need!

As a Tour Host, you agree to host at least 10 people at a virtual Heart of Iona Tour within the next year. For more information on becoming a Tour Host, please contact Emily Thomas at