Five Resolutions for Successful Aging

January 1, 2018

Take advantage of this fresh start in 2018, and reflect on where you are in planning for your successful aging and what you need to do next.

To get you started, here are some successful aging resolutions:

1. Get your key legal documents in place or review what you already have

2. Research some housing options and consider whether you can age in place or need to make a move

3. Join your local Village

4. Explore some ways to make new friends

5. Meet with a financial planner or care manager for a consultation

Of course, making resolutions is challenging enough, and keeping them is even harder! But, Iona can help with classes, consultations, and care management. Contact us today at (202) 895-9448 to schedule a consultation or speak with a Helpline specialist.

Make January a time for reflection, new beginnings, and positive change!

What’s your successful aging resolution? Let us know in the comments!