Find Job Training to Match Your Skill Level and Interest

July 5, 2019

We are in a time of ever-changing technology. Many older adults need to keep working, even after retirement, to make ends meet. Others want a job because they want the challenge or need to fill up time. If this is you, then this may be a good time to brush up on your career skills. In today’s job market, new versions and new updates for technology, software, and equipment are produced at lightning speed. Given this swift pace for change and development, it’s easy to feel like you may not be able to keep up. You may ask yourself, “Will I measure up to the competition?” Thus, we’ve gathered 11 resources to help equip you with the skills, and information that will help you succeed in your job search.

Check out these tips and services where you can access individualized counseling to help you thrive in today’s job market.

Training for basic level skills:

  • (National) – Basic job skills training for older adults available nationally from the federally funded Senior Community Service Employment Program.
  • (National) Use the Older Worker Program Finder to locate employment services for low-income, unemployed older adults.
  • (DC) – Get free GED (high school diploma) training, and basic job skills for DC residents available from Academy of Hope.
  • (MD) Get access to a career counselor, workshops for landing a federal job, literacy and aptitude testing, in-demand training, and more via WorkSource Montgomery.

Training for specialized level skills:

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