Aging Solo Wins Award

November 1, 2021

Aging Solo, Iona’s online course for individuals who are aging on their own, has been honored with an award.

Iona Senior Services and Aging Solo have been selected by the Mather Institute as an honorable mention of the Promising Practices Award. Organizations from around the continent working with older adults in a variety of settings sent in submissions that are moving away from conventional practices by developing and implementing new and innovative approaches. Even in this most unusual time, powerful ideas and practices continue to move the senior living industry forward. Iona Senior Services was chosen based on their program that focuses on the unique needs of solo older adults.

“The Promising Practices Award honors Iona Senior Services for educational programming that specifically addresses the needs of adults who are aging alone,” said Cate O’Brien, PhD, AVP and Director, Mather Institute. “The awards honor true leaders in ideation and implementation. We hope these award-winning projects will serve as a catalyst for organizations across the country and around the world to spark innovation for their own programs.”

Iona Senior Services has created a novel six-week Aging Solo class to provide information, strategies, tools, and a supportive community to individuals who, by choice or circumstance, function without the support system traditionally provided by family. Topics addressed in the course include building a support network, healthcare decision making, end-of-life choices, aging in place, and making a move.

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