Aging Solo – Individuals

We want to make Aging Solo available for every person who could benefit from it. For this reason, we offer payment options on a sliding scale based on your income.

Please review the chart and determine the cost that applies to you (if you’re not sure of your exact income, it’s OK to guess or estimate). Then, select that payment amount in the registration form.

Your Monthly Income Your Annual Income Cost of Aging Solo
Below $3,000 At or below $36,000 $25 (Payment Option 1)
$3,001-$6,000 $36,001-$72,000 $50 (Payment Option 2)
$6,001-$8,300 $72,001-$100,00 $75 (Payment Option 3)
Above $8,300 Above $100,000 $100 (Payment Option 4)

Example: Laura wants to purchase Aging Solo for herself.  Her income is approximately $3,200 a month, or $38,400 a year. She would select Payment Option 2–$50–and a quantity of 1.

Please note that you can only choose a quantity of 1 for each payment level.

Bulk pricing is also available. Email or call (202) 895-9485 for more information.

Your purchase of Aging Solo includes a PDF handbook and links to six videos. These will be sent to you in your confirmation email after purchase.

Questions, or having trouble signing up? Email us or call (202) 895-9485.