Video Gallery

Iona’s video gallery is an extension of our work – it’s a behind-the-scenes look at what we do day-in and day-out.

In the clips below, you’ll see captured creative moments from our Lois and Richard England Gallery at Iona events. You’ll hear from overwhelmed caregivers who found comfort in our support groups or respite in the Wellness & Arts Center. You’ll meet older adults who found new hope and new community through our Active Wellness Program at St. Alban’s and our Take Charge/Age Well Academy for adults planning ahead. And, you’ll see firsthand how Iona’s expert and compassionate team works hard to provide those necessary safety net services for vulnerable older adults in our community.

Take a look, explore our videos, and watch the magic of our community in the following clips. We hope that they will bring a smile to your face! For even more videos, please visit our Youtube page.


  • Heart of Caring 2018

    In this short film, we share three stories from people Iona is honored to serve.

    Meet Steve Mitnick. His father craves work, but is having a harder time remembering things. How does he remain productive, despite growing challenges?

    Meet Tom Mousley, who after losing his job, was living on $200 or so a month. Then, he was hit with a $3,000 dentist bill. How did he survive?

    Meet Carol Stewart, who went through the most horrifying experience of her life when mom Carolyne had a stroke. Thankfully, Carolyne survived, but her independence was at jeopardy–and her wheelchair needed service. Who would be her safety net?

  • Heart of Caring 2017

    This short film celebrates connections by sharing stories from some of the people Iona has been honored to serve this year through our Active Wellness Program at St. Alban’s, Wellness & Arts Center, and the Friendly Visitor program.

    Meet father and daughter Bill and Mary-Margaret Walsh; longtime friends Gregory Everett and Carlton Washington, and Gregory’s sister Karen Bivens; and, Iona volunteer Mary Frances McGuiness and retired Iona staff member and current client Connie Zara.

  • Art and Wellness: Creative Aging 2016

    Through a unique partnership with The Phillips Collection — an art museum in Dupont Circle — participants in Iona’s Wellness & Arts Center have the chance to engage in art appreciation, art production, and art therapy, culminating in a show at the Phillips each fall.

    This video celebrates that partnership with behind-the-scenes moments from our art studio at Iona. Take a look and enjoy!

  • Wellness & Arts Center: Support for the Whole Person

    At the Weinberg Wellness & Arts Center, we have a person-centered and holistic approach to programming. From music classes and morning exercise to discussion groups or intergenerational visits, we offer a variety of programs that speak to our individual participants’ interests.

    In this clip, hear from staff members and volunteers on how our center makes extraordinary days out of ordinary ones. As Program Manager Sarah Grogan says, we aim to create “moments of joy.” Watch how we do it.

  • Wellness & Arts Center: Care for the Caregiver

    When an older adult becomes frail or forgetful, families sometimes struggle with what to do. A “hidden gem” in the range of possibilities is adult day services. At the Wellness & Arts Center, our experienced staff works together to provide an encouraging and supportive environment every day so that older adults can remain living at home.

    In this clip, hear from caregivers and participants on how our Center has improved their quality of life and created days full of happiness. Adult Day Services provides a strong community network and social outlet for participants and families. Watch how we do it.

  • Wellness & Arts Center: Creating New Memories

    At Iona, we believe in the therapeutic benefits of art therapy. Our Wellness & Arts Center incorporates group and individual art studio sessions into our daily programming. Led by our art therapists, who are trained in counseling and psychotherapy, these sessions provide opportunities for creative expression and non-verbal communication. This can be particularly important for those participants beginning to lose their verbal skills.

    In this clip, hear from participants, caregivers, and our art therapist on how art therapy has supported positive aging. In our Wellness & Arts Center, we strive to engage all of our participants with creative outlets and moments for reflection. Watch how we do it.

  • Wellness & Arts Center: Hands on Caring

    At Iona, we aim to provide as much support to caregivers and their families as possible. Our Wellness & Arts Center offers this support through our specially trained staff that is experienced caring for older adults and their unique needs. Along with engaging and stimulating programs, our adult day health center provides health and wellness monitoring that can save caretakers from unnecessary doctor visits. We can be partners in caring for your loved ones. Watch how we do it.

  • Wellness & Arts Center: Community Health Care

    At Iona’s Wellness & Arts Center, we pride ourselves in being a safety net and support system for caregivers and their families. Hear from members of our diverse staff, including registered nurses, program specialists, nursing assistants, and a social worker on how our robust adult day program engages participants and provides the respite caregivers need and deserve. Our goal is to reduce the caregiver’s burden. Watch how we do it.