A New Look and Fresh Start

February 1, 2022

Brent It’s amazing the difference a simple haircut can make. For Brent Miller, 78, it’s just another example of the many ways that her care manager, Liza Chapkovsky, have helped improve her life.

Brent first connected with Liza four years ago when she needed help. Brent doesn’t own a computer or cell phone, and sometimes she has trouble concentrating. After living with her mother in Maryland for a few years, Brent returned to Washington, DC and felt overwhelmed by finding resources in the community.

“For people with grown adult children in the area, that’s the sort of thing they would check into and help out with, but I don’t have that,” says Brent.

So she turned to Iona.

“Liza does an excellent job and continues to stay updated in terms of finding out things that are free or affordable for people who are low income and older,” says Brent. “That’s the wonderful thing about a very good social worker.”

Today, Liza has become an important part of Brent’s support network through her weekly check-in calls and visits. “Many of us lose contact with people as we get older,” says Brent. “Liza will always check in. It’s an absolute lifesaver for people like me who would just give up looking for help.”

During the pandemic, Brent suffered a series of health challenges and needed a haircut, but she didn’t know where to go. She also felt nervous about cutting off her long hair, so Liza accompanied her to the appointment.

At Luna’s Hair Design (2033 P Street NW), the owner worked her magic–and gave Brent the haircut free of charge as a holiday gift.

“It was a perfect short haircut and such a nice surprise,” Brent says.

Best of all, Brent knows that she can count on Liza and Iona to always be there for her. “I can call her anytime,” she says. “Liza is invaluable.”