12 easy do-it-yourself fixes for an accessible home

July 24, 2018

Making your home “age friendly”— or helping a loved one age in their home—can be a daunting task. Have an accessible main level bathroom? Need to install a chairlift? Unfortunately, many changes require skilled, and often costly, expertise.

But, don’t be discouraged! There are a number of simple do-it-yourself solutions that you can start with now—no renovations required.

Start with these 12 simple changes:

1. Put nonskid treads and reflector tape on any steps.
2. Apply double-sided tape to secure throw rugs to the floor.
3. Create lighted pathways in your home using reflector tape or automatic plug-in night-lights
4. Place and tape electrical and phone cords along the wall to prevent tripping
5. Add railings in your hallways (be sure that a person using a wheelchair could still navigate the hallway).
6. Use rubber-backed bathmats.
7. Add a raised toilet and install grab bars.
8. Get a shower or bath seat.
9. Get a hand-held or adjustable showerhead.
10. Replace round doorknobs with easier-to-use lever-style handles.
11. Put a bench or table near the entrance of your door (don’t block!) for placing groceries or other packages while you lock or unlock your door.
12. Check that your home’s address numbers are easy to see and not hidden from the street.

Have specific questions about aging in place? You can schedule a consultation (and even get a home assessment) with one of Iona’s expert care managers. They can recommend modifications and remodeling projects that will make your home safer. You can learn more about services offered and schedule an in-home, office, or phone consultation by calling (202) 895-9448.