• Iona directly helps 3,000 older adults and their families with the challenges and opportunities of aging. We do this by caring for, connecting, and nourishing people in mind, body, and spirit. You can meet our passionate team and learn more about our work by attending the “Heart of Iona Tour.”

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    • Lunch & Learn with Liz Lescault

      February 21, 2017

      Lunch & Learn with Liz Lescault

      Join us for a free Lunch & Learn with ceramic artist Liz Lescault on Tuesday, February 21 at 12:30 PM. Learn ab…

    • Graceful Transitions

      February 23, 2017

      Graceful Transitions

      Do you have too much stuff? If you would like to downsize your belongings, organize your papers, or just get rid of c…

    • Legacy Quilts Hands-On Lecture

      February 23, 2017

      Legacy Quilts Hands-On Lecture

      Please join Lauren Kingsland at Iona for a Legacy Quilts Hands-On Lecture on Thursday, February 23 from 7-9 PM. Cost …